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Shane Miller, Raccoon State Park conservationist, will conduct a 2-hour nature walk at Five Points on Sunday, September 28, starting at 10:00 a.m.  He’ll focus on poisonous and non-poisonous plants on the property as well as other interesting trees, shrubs, and plants.  All members, family, and friends are welcome.


The kitchen is open again on Monday nights during trap practice. Harold and his crew will be cooking up some special dinners for us and I am sure it will be great. So bring your shotgun and your apatite and enjoy the evening at FIVE POINTS HUNTING CLUB.  Trap practice is open to the public every Monday evening until Thanksgiving.


Archery Season is just around the corner and  FIVE POINTS has a great 3D course to test your shooting skills. Sunday September 07, 2014 is our last 3D shoot for 2014  at the club.  Do it your way with a long bow, recurve bow, or a compound bow. It’s all great fun on our 3D targets.  Open to members and the general public.




Sportsmen and Gun Owners,


HB 921 – PICS to NICS

This bill transfers the PICS (Pa Instant Check System) over to the federal government NICS (National Instant Check System) to approve the transfers of firearms as it’s currently done in 38 other states. This will save PA taxpayers at least $6 million a year and let the Pennsylvania State Police focus their efforts on catching bad guys, instead of keeping records of gun owners, which have no demonstrable purpose of crimes solved with retention of the Records Of Sales.


An opportunity has surfaced for Pa firearms owners / purchasers to get the Pa State Police out of the approval of the firearms purchase business.


Prior to their election in 2010, Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley made an appearance at a Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) meeting in Whitehall Pa. where Tom Corbett promised, if elected, to see what he could do about moving Pa. from the PICS to the NICS system.


At a Re-elect Tom Corbett campaign meeting in New Castle on August 22nd, which myself, and FOAC members Craig Holdren and Vic Gurinowitsch attended, I reminded Governor Corbett about that promise. He stated he would sign that legislation, HB 921, if it gets to his desk.


With the current anti-gun climate in the country following Sandy Hook, firearms legislation in Harrisburg, including HB921, has been languishing in the House. But for whatever the reason, resistance to this bill has softened and it appears that it will move if enough support can be generated through additional cosponsors. This is where we come in but, we have a limited period of time to act. Statewide we need to add 50 additional cosponsors by October 21st, to get this bill moving.


Attached is a chart of Beaver and Lawrence County State Representatives with a selected number of pro-gun House Bills and whether the rep has cosponsored that bill or not. This is only to give you an idea of how pro 2nd Amendment or not, that rep appears to be. The important one is HB921.


Please take advantage of this open door and donate 5 or 10 minutes of your time and call the reps who have not cosponsored HB921 and ask them to do so. Given the number of gun owners in Pa. Their cosponsorship of this bill will increase their “Street Cred” among the gun owning, sportsmenʼs community. Plus they can tout their desire to save Pa tax payers $6 million per year.


For the reps you call who are not your own, your leverage will be the Beaver County Sportsmenʼs Conservation League (BCSCL) and the number of sportsmen it reaches in the western Pa area.


Thanks and please avail yourself of a chance to make a positive move on the 2nd Amendment front. This doesnʼt happen that often so take advantage of it while you can.


Bob Oles 

FOAC, Regional Coordinator 

BCSCL, Secretary & Legislative Liaison 

BVRPC, Treasurer



Did you know that,  Article 1 Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution states:

“The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”



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